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This page is for pizzerias only.

The 4th Annual Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout is looking for Edmonton’s finest pizzerias to help raise some serious dough for KidSport Edmonton!

Whether you’re a big name chain or one of the little guys,

we’re lookin’ to try your pie. ​So if you think you’ve got the best 'zza in town to win a People's Choice Award(s) category then register below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where & When?

A: Drop off your 'zza at 6pm on Friday, October 7th at The Edmonton EXPO Centre in the parking lot.


Q: How does it work?

A: You donate, everyone eats, everyone votes on their favourite pizza pie! Then you receive bragging rights for the year within 1 (or a few) of the categories below.


Q: Is there a cost to being a participating pizzeria?
A: Nope! Nothing! Zilch!!


Q: What’s in this for me?

A: Over 100 cars join us at the event, that's over 300 (min) Edmontonians trying your pizzas.

A: An opportunity to win one of our People's Choice Awards, with a certificate to hang in your restaurant. 

A: A mention in The Edmonton Sun the following week.

A: You'll be helping a fantastic, local non-profit...KidSport...that's gotta feel good!

A: Bonus! You are automatically entered into the 'Best Crust' and 'Best Sauce' categories!

Q: What are the steps to register and then what? 

A: Fill out the form below & shortly after that someone will connect with you.

Ready to register?!

THANKS for donating the DOUGH, so KidSport can raise some DOUGH #SoALLKidsCanPlay!

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