Register your Pizza

The 2nd Annual Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout is looking for the Edmonton’s finest pizzerias to help raise some serious dough for KidSport Edmonton!

Whether you’re a big name chain, or a hole-in-the-wall,

we’re lookin’ to try your pie.

So… if you think you’ve got the Most Unique, Best Hawaiian,

Best Donair, Best Meat, Best Veggie, Best Vegan or the Best Gluten-Free pizzas or flatbreads in Edmonton...

then prove it by signing up to donate some dough below:

What's in it for you?

Great question, thanks for asking!

By donating the dough, 400+ Edmontonians will eat it... And then they will place their vote for 'best of' in the categories below.

You'll win bragging rights for the best 'zza in town in that category AND you'll get your pizzeria written up pizzeria showcased in The Sun in the November 7th issue. So the whole world knows who's boss, with a certificate to hang on the wall in your place of business so no one forgets! 

Pick 3 out of the 7 categories to enter your pizza's in...

Category 1: Most Unique

Category 2: Best Hawaiian

Category 3: Best Donair

Category 4: Best Meat

Category 5: Best Veggie

Category 6: Best Vegan

Category 7: Best Gluten Free 

Let the people eat...

And then let the people speak as they place their votes so you can claim the 'Peoples Choice Award(s)' (and the bragging rights!)

Thanks for submitting!

You've got QUESTIONS...

We've got the ANSWERS!

Q: Where & When?

A: Friday, October 30th at The Edmonton EXPO Centre parking lot.


Q: Is there a cost to being a participating pizzeria?
A: Nope! Nothing! Zilch!!


Q: How many pizzas do I need to provide?

A: Minimum of 18 personal pan pizza pies


Q: What’s in this for me?

A1: Donating to a FANTASTIC, local non-profit… KidSport Edmonton; that’s gotta feel good!

A2: You are automatically entered into ‘The People’s Choice Awards’.

The guests will vote on who has 'The Best Sauce, The Best Cheese, The Best Unique, etc.’
A3: Promo! Send in some brochures, etc. and we will put them with the pizzas as we hand them out.
A4: Your new-found-title will be in the paper beside your pizzeria name.
What will you be known for? Best sauce? Best cheese? 

A5: Lastly, you will receive a certificate after the event,
showcasing your new-found-title and participation
in The Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout - perfect for hanging on the wall!


Q: Next steps & Night of Flow

A1: REGISTER!! (button above)

A2: Minimum of 18 personal pan pizzas
(the more you donate, the more your pizza gets in front of everyone)

A3: On Friday, October 30, 2020

A4: At your assigned delivery time, drop off pizza’s


Q: Drop off information 

A: Volunteers will be waiting for you.
Drive-up & drop your pies off, they will check your name off the list & take your pizza to the attendees.
At that point, your job is done, thank you!


THANKS for donating the DOUGH, so KidSport Edmonton can raise some DOUGH!