Register your Pizza!

Got the best pizza in town?
The cheesiest? The thinnest? The spiciest? Prove it!

From big name chains to the hole-in-the-wall down the street, Edmonton will be looking for YOU. We are

looking for new, niche, and creative pizzas in Edmonton, If you have a special pizza that you’ve been hiding out on us, or an amazing flatbread, we’d love to have it!​

Get ranked in the People’s Choice Award’s in the paper following the event & receive a certificate of the category you’ve ranked in to hang in your pizzeria!

Pick 3 Categories to enter your pizza in:

Category 1: Most Unique

Category 2: Best Hawaiian

Category 3: Best Donair

Category 4: Best Meat

Category 5: Best Veggie

Category 6: Best Vegan (yes, we are sure it exists)

Category 7: Best Gluten Free (less sure, so prove us wrong!)

The people will speak... 

We will listen...

And we will provide Certificates to your Pizzeria to thank you & showcase your Category win(s)!!

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