Got the best pizza in town?

Prove it!

Pizzeria Q & A:

Q: Where & When?

A: Friday October 30th at Rundle Park parking lot. Times to be announced.

Q: Is there a cost to being a participating pizzeria?

A: Nope! Nothing! Zilch!!

Q: How many pizzas do I need to provide?

A: Minimum of 6 personal pan pizza pies


Q: What’s in this for me?

A1: Donating to a FANTASTIC, local non-profit… KidSport Edmonton; that’s gotta feel good!

A2: You are automatically entered into ‘The People’s Choice Awards’
our guests will vote on who has 'The Best Sauce, The Best Cheese, The Best Unique, etc.’ and you’ll be in the newspaper with your newfound-crowned-title the following Sunday! You’ll also receive a certificate to proudly hang in your pizzeria post-event stating what category you placed in!!

A3: Promo! Send in some brochures, etc. and we will put them with the pizzas as we hand them out.

A4: The following Sunday, your new-found-title will be in the paper beside your pizzeria name.
What will you be known for? Best sauce? Best cheese???

A5: Lastly, you will receive a certificate after the event, showcasing your new-found-title and participation in The Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout - perfect for haning on the wall!

Q: Next steps & Night of Flow

A1: REGISTER!! (button above)
A2: Minimum of 6 personal pan pizzas (the more you donate, the more your pizza gets in front of everyone...)

A3: On Friday October 30 2020

A4: At your assigned delivery time, drop off pizza’s


Q: Drop off info 

A: Volunteers will be waiting for you. Drive up & drop your pies off, they will check your name off the list of participating pizzerias & take your pizza inside. At that point, your job is done, thank you!! The volunteers will label your pizza & voting sheet and 2 minutes later the pizza is placed on the tables for the happy guests to enjoy and vote on!

THANKS for donating the dough, so KidSport Edmonton can raise some dough!


What it's all about?

We'll start at the beginning..

Back in '96, KidSport Calgary's Ambassador Eric Francis wanted to eat some pie with some pals & raise some dough for a great cause while they were at it! 

The Pizza Pigout has grown to support 3 KidSport Chapters with The Eric Francis Pizza Pigout supporting KidSport Calgary leading by example followed by The Jon Montgomery Pizza Pigout, supporting KidSport Victoria and now... we're proud to share that Edmontonians will now have a chance to eat some 'zza for KidSport Edmonton as we host... The Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout!

What to expect?

Wouldn't you like to know...!

Ya, actually, we bet you would...

But we're going to keep ya on the edge of your seat!!


Stay tuned to learn more about how you can get involved in The 2nd Annual Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout!

We think we heard someone say something about a drive in... #SlicesAndShows



Get'em While They're Hot - BUT NOT YET - stay tuned!

Pizza Pigout Partners

Thanks to these outstanding Pizza Pigout Partners for helping us host

The Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout





Contact KidSport:

Dayna Hyman, Executive Director

(587) 227-3388 | dayna@kidsportedmonton.com


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